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Is it time for a Chiropractor in Denver? We may be able to help. Our Discover Health and Wellness Denver location is located just off of South Parker Road and East Mississippi Avenue. We serve the Denver, Glendale, Aurora, and Cherry Creek communities. If you have a health challenge or want to feel your best, come see our Chiropractic Denver location. There are many benefits to seeing us which include a longer life span with better nervous system function and of course less pain. Do you want to live a long life filled with energy and vitality? Do you just want to get out of pain? Most people come to visit us because they want to feel better overall as well as get relief from pain. However, once you come in to our Chiropractic Denver location, you may also find that we can improve your posture and your overall health.

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Dr. Andrew Hanson – Denver Chiropractor

Dr Andrew Hanson Denver ChiropractorIt is my life’s passion, my pleasure and my mission to give Denver residents the chiropractic care they need and deserve. I want to share my and DHW’s vision to offer healthy healthcare with the communities of Cherry Creek, Glendale, Aurora and surrounding communities.Our purpose at DHW is to change the way our world views healthcare. It’s my goal to do this every day by educating all our patients how to properly take care of their spine while dealing with stress and toxicity. Additionally, I hope to inspire my patients to become the best person they can be by staying pain-free and keeping the body balanced so that the nervous system can function properly.

I grew up in Pierre, South Dakota ,where I excelled in Football, Basketball and Tennis. As the quarterback of my high school team, I developed a passion to lead that has remained with me throughout my life. I started my college career in South Dakota where I graduated from a Civil Engineering program. In 2004, I decided to take a risk and move away from my family and friends to attend Colorado State University. At CSU, I received my Bachelors in Sports Medicine and also fell in love with Colorado and the mountains.

After a life changing illness and personal victory in my own health with chiropractic care, I developed a passion for chiropractic and what it had to offer to the world. As a result, I have since dedicated my life to sharing the powerful message of chiropractic. In 2008, I attended Parker University in Dallas, Texas and graduated in December of 2011with my Doctorate of Chiropractic. Following graduation, I did a short postceptorship, where I learned from some great chiropractors and furthered my understanding of the miraculous human body. In May of 2013, I joined the wonderful doctors and staff of Discover Health and Wellness and went on to open our beautiful Denver location.

I am always expanding my education and knowledge by attending seminars and education classes yearly. If a challenging case comes into the clinic, I can tap into over 43 years of combined experience by consulting with one of the other doctors at DHW. In my free time I enjoy every aspect of Colorado by hiking, trail running, snowboarding, golfing, Crossfit training along with a host of other outdoor actives. I am one of five siblings and I’m very close to my parents, sibling and many nieces and nephews. I welcome you to join DHW’s family of patients. May this year be the year you discover the best version of you.